Issue 6 2013

"Fusions between American and Eastern schools are old news, yet seldom has any percussionist drawn so deeply from both wells and come up with a blend as bewitching and original as this." Drum! Magazine

I'm excited to welcome the new subscribers from the U.S., Europe, Middle East, and Africa. It's a joy to share my work and news throughout the world.

Sharing Some Memories

It has been a whirlwind fall and early winter. I have had several inspiring tours for my educational programming and solo performing. I spent a week in the Virginia Tidewater area performing ten school programs, as well as a concert at Virginia Wesleyan University. I even found time to perform my original score live with the film The Adventures of Prince Achmed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia Beach. Thanks to Young Audiences of VA for sponsoring this tour.

Soon after my return I left for the western area of Virginia. I presented a solo concert in Highland County where I performed for the widest age group possible in one concert! It was a delight to see preschoolers up to eighty-year olds grooving to my world fusion mix. The next day I went to Bath, VA where I performed a concert for the local high school and middle school. I also presented a clinic on my jazz approach to world percussion for the high school percussion students. Special thanks to my sponsors, Yamaha, Vic Firth, Latin Percussion, Remo and Sabian for their help in supporting that clinic. On my return I had time to catch my breath before a solo concert at one of my favorite venues, The Lorton Workhouse Arts Center. It was great to perform new material to a sold-out house. A special thank you to the Virginia Commission for the Arts for supporting these programs. If you would like to schedule a program please contact me.

World Percussion Workshop

I am frequently getting requests for tips on my jazz approach to a variety of world music instruments. To that end I will be offering some brief tutorials and video links for reference in each newsletter.

Jazz Drumset Fills for the Djembe

In my studies with drum set master Joe Morello we would often use the text by Ted Reed, "Progressive Steps To Syncopation" to develop technique. I like to use it in my teaching because it gives western trained drummers a familiar reference point. For this exercise we will interpret the eighth notes in a jazz triplet feel. The eighth notes are played as open tones and the quarter notes as bass tones. The unplayed, but implied, remaining triplets are played as very soft touch strokes. The result is a syncopated melodic line between the eighth notes and quarter notes with the touch strokes serving as an accompaniment. This video is an example of me performing this concept on page 38 from the Ted Reed book. Tom Teasley-Jazz Drumset Fills For Djembe Tom Teasley-Jazz Drumset Fills For Djembe If you would like to schedule a lesson either in my studio or via Skype please contact me.

Looking Forward

I am always interested in developing new means of expression and new collaborations. I'm very excited about a new collaboration with Jane Franklin Dance that I'm embarking on. We have a few programs in development starting on January 11, 2014. It will combine some of my solo percussion, video art I have created, performing live with film as well as collaborating with Jane in a video, music, and dance collaboration. Please mark your calendars.

In Fascination with the Projected Image
Jane Franklin Dance & composer percussionist Tom Teasley present See January 11, 2014 at 7 pm at Theatre on the Run
3700 S Four Mile Run Drive, Arlington 22206
Tickets $20

Blue Moon/Red River

This is an exciting collaboration and I would like to invite you to join us in supporting these efforts through our Kickstarter Campaign. We are offering several rewards ranging from CDs, tickets, special composition delivered to you as MP3, drum lessons and even an in-home concert. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you for considering to support this project.

In closing I'm wishing you all a joyous holiday season and all good things for the New Year. Please enjoy this Apache Prayer artfully delivered by Charles Williams while I accompany on Native American Flute.

Traditional Apache Prayer

Peace, Salam, Shalom, Shanti,