Issue 2 2015

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Constellation Theatre Presents

The Fire and The Rain

with Original Music by Tom Teasley


My friends at Constellation Theatre have staged another beautiful epic by Girish Karnad. 
This beautiful piece is based on The Mahabharata. I'm playing live on stage with an assortment of about 20 instruments. These include all manner of ancient / futuristic percussion, bamboo flutes, keyboards and more. It's such a pleasure to collaborate once again with director Allison Stockman, set and lighting wizard A.J. Gubin, master costumer Kendra Rai and all the wonderful actors at Constellation Theatre. The show is getting rave reviews from all over with the music receiving lots of special attention.


Quite literally in the center of all this chaotic action is composer and one-man-orchestra Tom Teasley, who plays more than 20 traditional instruments from an orchestra pit built into the center of A.J. Guban's stage. His relentless, energetic score propels the show out of its start right through its bloody climax. The drum-heavy composition is reminiscent of the anxiety-inducing soundtrack to González Iñárritu's Birdman, particularly when it plays under tense arguments and negotiations. Teasley's instruments also provide sound effects to Robb Hunter's tightly choreographed fights, and guide the play's multiple dance sequences. Teasley's prominence on stage is no mistake: Karnad's love story may hold the plot together, but Teasley's ethereal score binds the play's fights and dances and fables and vignettes into a cohesive, exciting production.  Washington City Paper - Riley Croghan


And the masterful composer and performer Tom Teasley once again provides atmospheric music throughout the show from a position on A.J. Guban's set. The Washington Post- Celia Wren


The play begins with a primal symphony of Tom Teasley's drums, resonating with one another from the small depression he occupies in the middle of the stage. Teasley, a Constellation associate artist, three-time recipient of the Fulbright-Hayes grant and former Kennedy Center artist in residence, has traveled the world to collaborate with indigenous musicians, creating a unique fusion of cultural influences. For this production, his score blends 20 different ancient and modern instruments to seamlessly integrate the rhythmic structures of India with those of American jazz.

At first it seems strange that Teasley is so prominently featured at center stage, until it becomes clear that music is the soul of this production.  
This is not a play with background music, or even musical theater. It is storytelling in voice and motion to the persistent beat and notes of drums, flute and keyboard, driving and heightening the intensity of the narrative from the first moment to the last. The performers that surround Teasley are acting out a story, one that's more poem than script, as he calls the tune.
Capitol Hill Rag - Barbara Wells 


Teasley sets the mood for each scene, and draws the audience in like a snake charmer." - Molly Cox Brightest Young Thing

The other element of the show that really provides bang for your buck is Tom Teasley's music, which is not only the soundtrack of the play, but the transitional mortar that holds the plays scenes together. He plays and mixes this music live with a stunning array of instruments, including a Melodica, various drums, and a looper to replay the sounds he's just created to create layered music. Teasley's work keeps The Fire and the Rain in the source material with his melodic choices, but also keeps the audience present with his on-the-fly mixing, smoothing over rough transitions with an interlude of his own. He's fun to watch, and even though he was on the stage the entire time, I kept wanting more of him.-

lan Katz DCtheatrescene


At the center of the action (literally) sits composer and musician Tom Teasley, whose eclectic instrumentation and talent for improvisation give us that wonderful, otherworldly feel. A recording of his work for the show is available for purchase here, but there is simply no substitute for seeing him interact with the cast live, adding his own narrative and emotional touches as the story unfolds. - Andrew White Broadway World




I have recorded a soundtrack to the show that is only available through Constellation Theatre through the run.
Dreams of Indiais a solo recording featuring all of the instruments form the show with several additions.
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Here is a video of a performance of the multi percussion featuring me on doumbek. Please enjoy, Fire Dance!

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