Multi-Instrumental genius, Tom Teasley has recorded the score… hauntingly beautiful melodies
Ribecca Ritzel -The Washington Post
Musical Wizard, TomTeasley…
Celia Wren -The Washington Post
Brilliant. That’s the short of it. Tom Teasley’s “All The World’s A Stage” is such a uniquely and expertly crafted set of percussive movements that calling it anything else simply wouldn’t be accurate.
Colin McGuire -Frederick News-Post
This areas most original one-man-band.
The Washington Times
Fusions between American and Eastern schools are old news, yet seldom has any percussionist drawn so deply from both wells and come up with a blend as bewitching and original as this.
J. Poet -DRUM! Magazine
Tom Teasley is incredible!
Robert Aubry Davis -WETA Around Town
The drummer’s command of a wide range of percussion instruments is only matched by his ability and desire to use them in new and unusual configurations.
Brad Walseth -JazzTimes
The evenings dazzler...
The Washington Post
... a highly imaginative conceptualist... a colorful, intellectual musician, employing his talents in the orchestration of sound... ingeniously deploys unusual uses of unusual percussion... unlimited talents.
Douglas Payne of
Musical accompaniment by Tom Teasley perfectly accentuates the moments with tympani-like crescendo for gigantic events or the soft whipple of a lark for softer moments. Teasley’s mastery of the assorted instruments elevates the experience to new levels by connecting the scenes to the earliest human experience of sound—before there was speech and communication, there was an ancient drumbeat, replicating the heartbeat, and Teasley’s rhythms touch the heart and soul.

Enlivening it all is Teasley, whose energetic mastery of percussion and wind instruments is always thrilling to see in action.
Washingtonian After Dark
It hasn’t taken long for Allison Arkell Stockman and Tom Teasley to form one of the most distinctive theatrical partnerships in Washington. Once the show begins, Teasley blends into Stockman’s rich mix, even as his music continues to trigger the production’s vivid moods.
Nelson Pressley -The Washington Post
...with the musician Tom Teasley weaving a world's worth of musical threads together into a haunting soundscape
Washington City Paper
Worldwise beats.
Tom Hull -Village Voice
The defining feature of this production is Tom Teasley’s music; the traditional labels of ‘Composer’ or ‘Sound Designer’ do not accurately describe what Teasley contributes. Teasley is an absolute master of his craft, transcending the surprisingly restrictive generic label of ‘World Music’, and this production is worth seeing if only for his performance.
Pessica Pearson -Maryland Theater Guide
No instrument has a limitation for him. Give Tom a bass drum, a snare drum, and a djembé, and he'll give you part Stravinsky, part Art Blakey.
Bruce Wittet -Modern Drummer
Underscoring it all is the über-percussionist Tom Teasley, who won a Helen Hayes Award for his pulse-quickening live soundtrack for the play, utilizing several instruments—both ancient and contemporary—along with synthesizers and his own vocal chords for further assistance. It’s a masterful performance that helps make The Ramayana thrilling and stimulating to the end.
Missy Frederick -Washingtonian
…spellbinding music provided by musician and composer Tom Teasley, who uses recorded tracks and live performance to weave an eclectic soundscape of world beats and classical Indian rhythms.
Jayne Blanchard -DC Theatre Secene
Stockman’s production is a feast for both the mind and the eyes, moving effortlessly on the rails of live music by Teasley, who conjures up a medley of sounds, including Indian beats, on an array of instruments. Sitting calmly in a corner, Teasley creates the winds, the ocean, the battle and the drama, all aiding to transport the audience to another place and another time. It’s clear why he was the recepient of the prestigious Helen Hayes award this year for outstanding sound design for The Ramayana.
Sema Sirohi -Outlook India
...percussionist-composer Tom Teasley conjures a veritable universe of near-supernatural sounds, all on his own.
... With the brilliant audio creations of Helen Hayes Award-winning Composer Tom Teasley. The music never misses a beat throughout the production. Teasley's wild orchestrations are primal in nature and echo cries of these birds without falling into the generic hackneyed trap of bird calling. His rhythms are fierce and drive many of dance numbers with a raucous beat and wild feeling of freedom behind them. Teasley's composition sounds as if it were derived from the very spirit of the earth; echoing a time of nature with the reality of the world of these birds.
Amanda Gunther -DC Metro Arts