An American Approach to World Percussion


An American Approach to World Percussion offers Western-trained percussionists a systematic approach from which to draw on their experience as drumset players and rudimental performers, and to apply that knowledge to a variety of world percussion instruments. Applications for djembe, doumbek, tambourines, shakers and more are combined with four-part coordination. In addition,techniques are frequently interchanged among instruments to demonstrate the commonality of approaches. While this is not a substitute for traditional study of these instruments, An American Approach to World Percussion is a comprehensive study of world percussion from an American jazz perspective. It should also broaden the horizons of those already familiar with traditional applications of these instruments by offering a jazz sensibility.

See An American Approach to World Percussion featured in the V-Newsletter in preparation of summer NAMM 2016. There is description of the contents and some playing examples!

An American Approach to World Percussion

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See review of AAWP in Italian Drumset Magazine!

Italian Publication

Drumset Magazine (Italy) Review Translation

Tom Teasley is one of those characters that never seem to be of great interest to the Italian public as he is too far outside the box. But he is very well known throughout world of multi percussion. In the rest of the world, and especially in the US, he is considered a genius of multi-instrumental artistry, not only percussive, and has on his shelves a considerable number of awards. That said, as we go through the pages of this method in addition to teaching and tips he gives ideas of using various percussion instruments in combination to create a variety of rhythmic melodies, which can be used to accompany a soloist or ensembles of various types. After a brief introduction, we proceed to the first application in palm drums, which the author considers all those playable with a full hand such as djembe, conga and ashiko, applying rudiments and ideas drawn from Progressive Steps to Syncopation by Ted Reed. He also includes combinations between hands and brushes of various types, his famous one hand tumbao and specific developmental exercises.

The following chapters are devoted to instruments like the darbuka, cajon, drums frame, including Riq and Pandeiro, with a very original series of rhythm patterns to be developed using a wide variety of different sounds.

The last part is dedicated to the shakers, with examples of poly-rhythmic concepts which can give inspiration to many other ideas that can be developed. The DVD that accompanies the book is extremely accurate and each chapter is portrayed in more depth, with many musical examples and a playlist. All of this is rendered in very simple English, even for those who do not understand the language well.

This is a great job for the most curious and for those who want to try to use these techniques on a regular drumming set.- Mauro Gatto