• Perfect for art galleries
  • Program can be a stand alone exhibit and combined with a live performance
  • Excellent for educational and professional development for creative use of artistic disciplines
  • Wonderful as a collaboration with dance programs
  • Several programs to choose from
  • Interactive participation with audience
  • Perfect addition for school assemblies, family concerts, outdoor festivals, and international culture programs

Here you can view specific works in my multimedia presentation, Sounds You Csn SEE. Please listen with good speakers or headphones to enhance your experience!


Tom Teasley

Nine Muses, 2014

Music & Video Choreography, 5:59

Frame Drums, Bendir, Djembe (with Brush), Cuica, Bongos

The vision of Nine Muses is music composition closely aligned with visual images. The conceptualization is images in tight choreography with the music in a 9/4 time signature. The music composition and video choreography is inspired by the great Dadaist artists Hans Richter, Viking Eggeling, and others. Each instrument in the musical composition has a “visual leitmotif” counterpart that recurs throughout the entire piece.  A variety of different instruments perform a conversation bringing out a dialogue and link between instruments, sounds, movement, and images.  The reoccurring musical and visual "groove" that serves as a base foundation of creating video choreography is similar to composing music by adding elements on top of the foundation. The instrumental and “visual leitmotif” all correspond in tandem: pitches low and high, images moving left and right, and the down beat image comes and goes. Specific gestures or techniques on an instrument is also visually mimicked. Nine Muses serves as a backdrop for future dance performance combined with additional live music.


Tom Teasley

Secrets of the Wine Dark Sea, 2014

Music & Video Choreography, 3:48

Aquasonic, Tuned Gongs, Cymbals, Pandeiro

Secrets of the Wine Dark Sea is a new addition to the Dada Reimagined theme of the exhibition. The music is from the CD The Love of the Nightingale. The images are choreographed to the music and they correspond to each sound. The instruments include aquasonic, tuned gongs, cymbals, and pandeiro. This work is abstract and compelling because of its oppositeness in nature. When the aquasonic is used the images correspond whereby it is free and floating and brings to mind images of water. It is in sync as the cymbals play and amoeba give birth. This work is a more fluid rubato and emotional in dance like movements, closely aligned with pas de deux, which is the polar opposite of Nine Muses.


Tom Teasley

Orestia Furies Dance, 2014

Music & Video Choreography, 5:19

Balafon, Djembe, Shakers, Aquasonic and vocal percussion

Orestia Furies Dance is an example of Teasley’s interest in world fusion music and creative video art. He performs on Balafon, Djembe, Shakers, Aquasonic and adds vocal percussion. Even though he uses konnakol syllables, it does not conform to traditional Indian rhythmic structure. 


Tom Teasley

Haikus For The Seasons, 2014

Music, Spoken Word & Video Choreography, 2:21

Hang Drum, Wind, Shaker, Yamaha Glockenspiel


This set of Haikus by Ruth Baja Williams is performed by Charles Williams and Tom Teasley with a creation of an original score. Instruments include Hang Drum, Wind, Shaker and Yamaha Glockenspiel. 


Traditional Apache Prayer, 2014


Music, Spoken Word & Video Choreography, 2:12

Native American Flute


Traditional Apache Prayer represents ancient wisdom still applicable today. This traditional Apache prayer is artfully delivered by Charles Williams and accompanied by Tom Teasley on Native American flute. This beautiful sentiment rings very true today.