Dreams Of India

“Multi-Instrumental genius, Tom Teasley…hauntingly beautiful melodies”- Rebecca Ritzel – The Washington Post

Welcome to my latest sonic adventure! The music, culture and people of India have always intrigued and inspired me. This music will serve as the soundtrack for Constellation Theatre’s production, The Fire and the Rain by Girish Karnad, an Indian epic based on The Mahabharata. While this is not intended to be an authentic or scholarly representation of the depth of Indian music it is meant to be my humble adaptation of it through my eyes, ears and imagination combined with extensive collaborations with musicians throughout the world. I’m performing on more than twenty different instruments. The combination of ancient instruments including tabla, doumbek, tambourines, shakers and all manor of percussion with several bamboo flutes are joined with modern electronic percussion, keyboards and melodicas to form the genre bending ancient / futuristic sonic pallet.

In keeping with the character of underscore, I frequently will have instruments in dialog with one another: bass melodica conversing with Arabic whistle, snare drum with castanets, sitar with melodica and many other examples. While pondering the element of fire I became intrigued with the concept of breath as a musical element. It is also an important part of any yoga practice. I’m making use of rhythmic breathing in several selections for dramatic and textural effect. While doing so I’m fusing vocal percussion that draws on the Indian tradition of konnakkol with whispered American beat-box. There are time signatures of 7/4 and 11/4 in addition to the more common 4/4 patterns. Teachers I’ve been blessed to study with inspired much of this music. These master musicians include drumset wizard, Joe Morello; Indian kanjira and mirdangam maestro, Trichy Sankaran; and frame drum master, Glen Velez. The complex rhythmic structures of India are certainly an inspiration but most of my rhythmic vocabulary draws more from the American jazz tradition of Max Roach, Ed Blackwell and others. Much of the melodic inspiration is drawn from American jazz and blues. It is my desire to create a timeless, unique Indo-American fusion that pays tribute to both cultures. As always, my engineer, collaborator and friend Jim Robeson’s contributions are invaluable. I sincerely hope that the result is nearly as enjoyable a listen as it was to create.

  • All compositions by Tom Teasley. T2 Music Copyright BMI 2015
  • Recorded at T2 Studio
  • Produced by Tom Teasley and Jim Robeson
  • Engineered by Tom Teasley and Jim Robeson
  • Mixed by Jim Robeson
  • Mastered by Tom Teasley


  • Yamaha Percussion
  • Latin Percussion
  • Remo Products
  • Sabian Cymbals
  • Vic Firth Sticks, Brushes and Mallets
  • Cooperman Frame drums


  • Allison Arkell Stockman, A.J. Gubin and everyone at Constellation Theatre.
  • Cindy Petersen for all manor of logistic, business and personal support.
  • Linda Teasley for continued love and support.
  • Basema Maki for expanding my world through music and life.
  • Jim Robeson (aka Les Izmore) for great ears, ideas and vibes.
  • Marianne Robeson for some awesome lunches.

"Musical accompaniment by Tom Teasley perfectly accentuates the moments with tympani-like crescendo for gigantic events or the soft whipple of a lark for softer moments. Teasley’s mastery of the assorted instruments elevates the experience to new levels by connecting the scenes to the earliest human experience of sound—before there was speech and communication, there was an ancient drumbeat, replicating the heartbeat, and Teasley’s rhythms touch the heart and soul." Debbie Jackson, DC THEATRE SCENE

All Instruments Performed by Tom Teasley

  • Om Tat Sat – 4:44 - Doumbek, Keyboards, Alto Melodica, Tabla, Konnakol
  • Whispers in the Wind – 5:32 – Remo Tablatones, Mbira, Shakers, Vocal Percussion
  • Breath of Smoke – 3:41 - Bamboo Flute, Korg Wavedrum, Udu Drum, Cajon, Vocal Percussion
  • Fire Dance – 3:42 - Doumbek, Cajon, Cymbal, Roland HandSonic
  • Indra and Arvasu – 3:10 - Korg Wavedrum, Bass Melodica, Bamboo Flute, Cajon, Cymbal, Cooperman Riq, Keyboards
  • Mask of Vritra – 3:49 - Cooperman Bodhran, Cooperman Riq, Shakers, Vocal Percussion
  • Silver Rain – 3:34 - Hang Drum, Yamaha Glockenspiel, Cymbal
  • Sacrifice – 4:40 - Remo Tablatones, Shakers, Keyboards, Vocal Percussion, Kalimba, Crotales, Cajon
  • Dance for Arvasu – 4:41 - Udu Drum, Alto Melodica, Keyboards, Cooperman Riq, Shakers
  • Sketches of India – 3:27 - Bamboo Flute, Snare Drum, Castanets, Keyboards, Korg Wavedrum, Cymbal, Cajon
  • Namaste – 3:24 - Bamboo Flute, Keyboards, Udu Drum, Cymbals
  • Fists of Karna – 3:00 - Keyboards, Kanjira