Poetry, Prose, Percussion and Song

The Washington Post

"Vocalist-actor Charles Williams and percussionist Tom Teasley haven't created this hour-long performance so much as channeled it, drawing much of their inspiration from poets Langston Hughes, James Weldon Johnson, Ruth Baja Williams, Ludwik Askenazy and jazz musicians Horace Silver and Thad Jones. Though rooted in ancient black oral traditions, their collaboration ultimately transcends form and culture, radiating a universal power and hope...." - Mike Joyce, The Washington Post, 1998

Dirty Linen

"Singer Charles Williams and percussionist Tom Teasley have put together an excellent collection of multi-cultural poetry backed by a colorful array of percussion. - Peggy Latkovich, Dirty Linen, 1999

Rhythm Magazine

"... a tabernacle of rhythm… the richness and musicality of this album will keep the dust off its cover. - Robyn Loda, Rhythm Magazine, 1998

Nexus Magazine

"Incredible artistry, brilliant innovation… a rare union of two stellar talents captured live! - PJ Birosik, Nexus, 1998