• Performs a program of sound meditation including binaural beats
  • Works with large demographic including elderly, hospice, PTSD and others
  • Conducts interactive drum circles to broaden team building, social interaction and fun
  • Performs music for the physically and emotionally challenged
  • Performs live interactive music to accompany yoga and moving meditation

Accolades for Tom's Healing/Therapeutic Sound Work 

"Tom offers an ancient and valid use of music as a healing art. His versatility and sonic empathy are truly World Class." - Dr. John Dluhy MD

"I loved working with Tom Teasley to create a Solstice Soundscape for the congregation I serve and for the wider community. He was able to work with several readings I found, weaving music around the readings and creating a truly remarkable musical experience. In fact, it was more than a musical experience--it was an emotional and spiritual experience, inviting people to go deep within themselves and to feel connected to the world. The Solstice Soundscape drew in people who had never entered our building before, expanding our sense of connection with our neighbors. Some folks lay down, pulling blankets over themselves; others sat in chairs. A child closed her eyes and swayed with the music. Tom was able to bring together a diverse group of people in a shared experience unlike any other." - Amanda Poppei Senior Leader Washington Ethical Society